Aashiq e Pakistan

The More I Could Write About Me In Last 6 Years Is All Written At


And Over View Is Written Below.

I’m A Student, A Teacher, A Reader, A Writer, A Poet, A Speaker, An Instructor, An Adviser, A Thinker, A Philosopher, A Psychiatric, A Reader Of Mind, An Ever Lasting Symbol Of Sincerity, Honesty, Love, Passions, And Loyalty. I’m A Traveler, An Adventurer, An Artist, A Player Of Words, A Victorious, An Angel Of Emotions, Death’s Pain Angel, I’m a Person Of Virtues, Susho Fushigi, The Last Mysterious.

Living In Realms Of Unknown. I’m a Son Of A Forgotten King. A Heir, I Live In Allies Of Unknowns, I Live In Imaginations, I Hate Cheat, Lies and I Condemn The Feeling Of Proud.

That’s All, I Could Sum Up!

~Nawab Of Vekri~

Abdul Ghani Shahzaib Rangeela Vekri Wala

The Poet Of Hearts And Beautiful Words
The One Who Lives In Hearts
Friend For Friends

Shahz Liz
Susho Fushigi
San Lizas Airen

Founder Of Peace Alley Educational Society
______*****Nigraan e Anjuman*****______
Co-Founder Anjuman Muhibbaan e RASOOL, Jamia Karachi

Abdul Ghani Shahzaib

An Angel Of Emotions

Shahz for SHAHZianz

~Death’s Pain Angel~
When Pain Increases More Than Death’s Pain…


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