Dawat e Islami is an Anti Political Organization or Non Political organization?

Once upon a time in early 80’s there had been an Ulema Conference at the house of Imam Shah Ahmed Noorani the patron in chief of Jamiat Ulema e Pakistan, Secretary General of World Ulema Mission, Founder and Leader of World Islamic Mission and opposition leader against Z.A Bhutto.

Some one of the most valuable Sunni Ulema e Ahle Sunnat were Moulana Arshadul Qadri, Moulana Syed Saeed Ahmed Shah Kazmi, Moulana Sattar Khan Niyazi, Moulana Sardar Ahmed, Moulana Abdul Mustafa Azmi, Moulana Abdul Mustafa Azhari, Moulana Mufti Waqaruddin, Qutub e Madenah Zia uddin Madni Aleh Rehma, and hundreds of more Ulema from almost every country of the world.

Almost every notable Khankhaah of Pakistan and India participated in this conference. It was felt and decided that there should be a Daawah Mission or Propagation Organization for Sunni Muslims in mainly Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh and generally in every part of the world.

This organization was given the target under the supreme leadership of Mufti Waqaruddin and Moulana Ziauddin Madni to initiate the basic programs. They made Moulana Ilyas Qadri the Ameer (liable deputy leader of this organization) at first he was called the Ameer of Dawat e Islami but soon he was awarded many notable titles. At first the Mureedeen or Followers of Ameer of Dawat e Islami were from all spiritual trees, groups, and different spiritual sections. They were Qadri, Chishti, Soharwardi, Naqshbandhi, etc. Almost every Sunni Khankhaah, Masjid, Madarsa, Darul Uloom, and Sunni Organization was with Dawat e Islamic. But gradually doors were closed for all other spiritual groups, Sufi trends, and Mureedeen of other Pir and Ulema. The strong fort is available to only ‘Attari identity’ and name of Sunnism, Sufism, and Birelvism was almost vanished. The social reactions that took place in the Attarism destroyed the complete image of Ahle Sunnat and Maslak of Ala Hazrat.

Soon, Masjid Committees started feeling from extreme interference and excess ruling of Masjid Committees. Darul Ulooms were left with sands and grains because all the funding factors and elements were influenced by Dawat e Islami forgot the Darul Uloom and Madaris.

There are a hundred other factors that have played worst gamboling to destroy the central power and stronghold of Ahle Sunnat in Pakistan. Dawat e Islami unfortunately has been one of the biggest factors since 2001 till 2013. We doubt that both the central command and think tank of Dawat e Islami has been hijacked by national and international agencies. The mindset of Dawat e Islami is completely going Anti Sunnism and Anti Sunni Organizations. Dawat e Islami has made itself the most vulnerable Anti Sunnism Activist.

Dawat e Islami has declared itself the all in all of Sunni Islam in Pakistan or we can say it has made itself originator of Attari Islam like Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has made Tahiri Islam. Being an Attari or follower of Dawat e Islami you are not going to accept people from other sects which creates high tension among sectarian gaps, you don’t cooperate people of your own sect even, which creates anti Sunnism among the same sects and you are not going to accept human as human, and going to create inter sectarian grouping.

This article has been written to give the analysis of Dawat e Islami regarding the Anti Political and Non Political Agenda. We are not mentioning the biggest hypocrisy and rubbish mindset of Dawat e Islami which destroyed and demolished the Sunni Power in Pakistan. We are going to write the estimated analysis of destruction given by Dawat e Islami in 2013’s Election of Pakistan.

Approximately, 100,000 Sunni families alone in Karachi are affiliated or attached to the teaching of Dawat e Islami. If one family is containing approximate 10 Voters in a family, this makes 100 thousands x 10 Voters. Which makes 100,0000 voters.

KARACHI 20 constituencies (NA 239 to NA 258): (2008)Total registered votes (20 constituencies of Karachi): 6653915
Total valid vote casted (In Karachi 20 constituencies): 3036553
This statistics presents those voters who didn’t participate in elections because they were sent to other places from their hometowns in the name of Qafila and Ijtema. They were told that they are non political people. This analysis has deep proofs because on 9th and 10th may 3 days Qafila were sent to other cities from origins. Hundreds of thousands people travelled throughout Pakistan and they never voted. Which agency of Pakistan wanted that JUP and PST should lost badly? An un asked question.

8750000 plus 1 Million Voters of Karachi… The Total Voters are 9 Millions 750000..

9750000 Sunni Voters never came out of their homes and they never voted for any Sunni Organization.

This could be said that only one or two members of family went to Qafila but it is to be noticed that at 2 pm on the day of 11th may, Dawat e Islami arranged a live conference of 3 to 4 hours. Normally 2pm to 5 pm time was the peak time of voting. Conference was entitled as why Dawat e Islami doesn’t come towards politics and why it opposes politics?

Who is using Dawat e Islami for destroying the political and parliamentary powers of Ahle Sunnat in Pakistan? Dawat e Islami arranged same Qafila system in 2008 elections, 2002 elections. These are the questions which have never been asked. We must admit that Dawat e Islami has been used by anti Pakistan agencies and liberal fascists in the name of funds. The left side including the current mindset of agencies does not want the Islamic Revolution to rise which was famously called the green revolution.