Monday, May 04, 2015 – Karach—Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is fully resolved to take Karachi and Zarb-e Azb operations to their logical end. He said government and military leadership are united and military leadership is part of government. Talking to media here he said these operations have been launched with the consensus of all political parties and the political and military leadership is on the same page in this connection.

He said that the credit of successes achieved so far goes to all. He said Altaf Hussain apologized over his statement after realization, adding that it is hoped Altaf and others will not repeat the same mistake again. Information minister said that it is the commitment of Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar to issue NFC award on time.

He said Constitution does not allow anyone to criticize national security institutions and judiciary. He said it should be top priority of all political parties to respect the constitutions.

The minister said that PEMRA has taken notice of Altaf Hussain’s speech while the political parties have also reacted to it. He said Altaf Hussain has realized his mistake and apologized for his remarks. He expressed the hope that Altaf Hussain will refrain from making such remarks in future.

Replying a question, Pervaiz Rashid said not a single drop of water can be released in the canal system without permission of IRSA, which has the representation of all provinces. He said not a federating unit has any complaint against the federal government.

He said the constitution guarantees freedom of expression but it should be exercised within the parameters defined by the book. Information Minister said PEMRA has issued show cause notices to TV channels for violation of code of conduct by airing inflammatory and insulting remarks by Altaf Hussain during his telephonic address. He said according to PEMRA rules the TV channels will have to submit reply withign 15 days.

He said cybercrime bill was not against the freedom of speech. He added that the bill had nothing new than existing laws of the country. He said the government could not pass this bill and this bill will be passed by the National Assembly and Senate, adding that the bill will be passed with the consensus of all political parties present in the parliament. Replying a question Pervaiz Rashid said PTI Chairman Imran Khan always wants confrontation of Pakistan with other countries, adding that this is the manifesto of Imran Khan’s politics. He said Imran has no positive agenda of politics. He said media should not take statements of Imran Khan seriously. —SABAH