Meraj Un Nabi Celebrated In Nadi
May 18
09:53 2015

Over 3000 Muslims gathered for the National Meraj Un Nabi celebration organised by the Ulana-E-Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat of Fiji at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi yesterday.

Members gathered from around the country for their annual event marked in the Islamic calendar where they take part in religious teachings in remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad.

The programme included overseas delegates who deliberated a more in-depth overview of the Quran and its importance for Islam’s teaching around the world.

Visiting speaker Maulana Zainul Astab Sidiqqi from United Kingdom said it was important in this holy month to commemorate assenting to the prophet 1400 years ago.

“The Muslims of Fiji came together to commemorate what happened that night, so they can increase their faith to understand how we react in our environment,” Maulana Zainul said.

“The supremacy is there and we don’t have to go against science but we live and die upon the truth.”

Maulana Zainul, who has been coming to Fiji in the last 21 years for this event, was impressed with what’s going on in the communities.

“It’s interesting to see that the Muslims of Fiji are developing into good Muslims and also into good Fijian citizens.”

Dr Fazeel Ayaz, a brain surgeon from Pakistan, praised the Government of the day for keeping peace and security in the land intact.

He said we should not to forget about our faith and always make it stronger day by day.