‘Ashobaa’ may intensify into severe cyclonic storm

Tropical cyclone Ashobaa has been declared in the Arabian Sea as a deep depression rapidly intensified this morning.

It is located 590 km west-southwest of Mumbai; 470 km southwest of Veraval; and 960 km east-southeast of Masirah Island (Oman).

Expected track

‘Ashobaa’ would move initially north-northwestwards and intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm during the next 36 hours.

Strong winds with speeds reaching 70-80 km/hr and gusting to 90 km/hr have been warned of along and off the coasts of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra during the next 24 hours.

The winds would rachet up to 90-100 km/hr in speed gusting to 120 km/hr during subsequent 24 hours.

The sea condition would be very rough to high along and off Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra coasts during the next two days.

Fishermen along and off these coasts are advised not to venture into the sea during this period.

Likely landfall

Fishermen out at open sea are advised to return to the coast.

Meanwhile, the cyclone is expected to move north-northwest (initially towards Karachi coast and then steering west towards Persian Gulf) before being declared as a cyclonic storm during the next 24 hours.

There is no rain warning for any part of the west coast of India since the storm is moving away. But the monsoon remained stuck to its northern limit over south peninsula.

Its Arabian Sea arm is not expected to make any further progress till such time as the cyclone blows over. But the Bay of Bengal arm continues to be active over northeastern states dumping heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, strong thundershowers prevailed over Thiruvananthapuram and neighbourhood last night and in the morning. But skies have cleared up later.

(This article was published on June 8, 2015)

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