• Geelani, Aasiya, Shah outraged at persecution of Burmese Muslims

    Political and religious leaders have expressed deep anguish and outrage over the atrocities being inflicted upon the millions of Muslims of Burma, asking the international human rights organizations and the Muslims nations to break silence and come to their (Burmese Muslims’) rescue.  Expressing his deep concern and anguish over the atrocities being unleashed on the Muslims of Burma and miserable condition of the thousands of stranded Rohingya Muslims in the sea, the Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani appealed the governments of the Muslim countries especially the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to raise this issue in the UNO and use their influence to build the world consensus against this criminal character of the Myanmar government.  “The so-called human rights and democratic champions of the world are following double standards with regard to the Muslims and don’t play any effective role in stopping the cruelties unleashed on them.

    The Rohingya Muslims are facing the worst kind of state terrorism and the Burmese government is carrying out genocide of Rohingya Muslims on state level. The bodies of the Rohingya Muslims are floating over the sea and no one is concerned about it. These are those unfortunate humans who have become strangers in their own land and the communal and fascist government is killing them one by one,” Geelani said, adding that “Pakistan, that has a special status in the Muslim world, has an added responsibility to take effects steps to ensure protection of the suffering Muslims in nay part of the world.

    ”   “The so-called big democratic and human rights champions of the world are maintaining a criminal silence over the condition of the oppressed Muslim population of Burma. Lakhs of Rohingya Muslims have been left homeless and shelterless but no one is ready to even talk about them. The Buddhist government of Burma is unlashing atrocities over the minority community there from last many years and they are openly killing them ruthlessly,” Geelani said.

    The chairperson Dukhtaran-e- Milat Aasiya Andrabi, while expressing grief and sorrow over the brutality being done to Burmese Muslims, accused the world community of maintaining criminal silence over it.   Aasiya, in a statement called for protests in Kashmir after Friday prayers to express solidarity with the suffering Burmese Muslims. “It is unfortunate that the Muslims countries world over are acting as mute spectator to the brutalities being inflicted upon the Burmese Muslims by the government.

    Height of brutality is that Rohangiya are being tortured only for being Muslims. These terrorists are attacking the honour and chastity of Muslims and the newborn babies are being roasted alive. But the world community is watching silently,” Aasiya said,  asking the leadership of Pakistan and General Raheel Shareef that they should play a leading role in stopping these atrocities on Muslims.

    She asked all Imams of mosques to highlight the plight of Burmese Muslims at Friday prayers and offer special prayers for them.  The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah, while expressing deep grief and sorrow over the plight of Muslims in Burma, questioned the role of international media and human rights organizations. “Why are these media and human rights organizations silent over the massacre of Muslims in Burma who are being persecuted in their own country? The Muslims nations must break their criminal silence over the issue and come to rescue to their Burmese brethren,” Shah said in a statement.

    “The Burmese Prime Minister Aung Sunn Su Kyi, whose hands are smeared with the blood of Muslims, did not deserve the highest award of Nobel Prize. The Burmese PM should clear her position with regard to Muslims of her country as to whether she would let justice and communal harmony prevail in the country or become an infamous mass murderer.” .