Homemade Pakistani Flags Are Being Raised In Occupied Kashmir| PakistanTribe.com

SRINAGAR- In the last few months, various incidents of raising Pakistani flags at different separatist rallies have been seen across Kashmir. The most remarkable event in this regard was when a separatist leader, Masarat Alam, had been arrested for raising Pakistani flag on 16th April.

This incident had a ‘domino effect’ and Pakistani flags started being raised everywhere in Kashmir.  It is very interesting to know that Kashmiris are self-sufficient in having Pakistani Flags. They are making the flag by themselves rather than importing it across the border, and those who make it consider it a way of protesting against the regime.

A college student, Shahid, 20, residing in Batamalo, a middle class residency in the capital city of disputed Kashmir, Srinagar is among those Kashmiris who make Pakistani flag and consider it a protest.


He terms the home made flags the safest option. According to him, the green and white cloth is acquired from market and the crescent and star are drawn with fabric paint.

Shahid says, “I don’t fear anyone”. “Making a Pakistani flag and raising it is a form of protest for me,” he adds further.

According to these flag makers, hoisting a Pakistani flag is not a crime but a matter of sentiment.