ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s renowned journalist and famous anchor person Hamid Mir has revealed former president Parvez Musharraf’s views about Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) supermo Altaf Hussain.

In his today’s column (29th June), Hamid Mir revealed that General (Ret.) Musharraf during an Iftar Party in 1999 said “I will shoot Altaf Hussain myself, if I could, because he is an Indian agent.”


Hamid Mir quoted Musharraf saying “I have no doubt that Asma Jahangir and ALtaf Hussain are anti-Pakistan agents.”

It is notable that earlier Gen. Musharraf had stated that he believed MQM was a patriot political party, when asked by an anchor about his views on MQM after BBC report was public.