Rangers Report: Sindh Government allegedly allotted 44,000 acres of land to Bahria Town


ISLAMABAD: The Sindh government has allotted 44,000 acres of government land to Malik Riaz (owner of Bahria Town), according to a report tabled by the Pakistan Rangers during a meeting of the apex committee in May.

Military sources told that the meeting was held on May 14. Sources also reported that the land allotted to Bahria Town was along the Super Highway.

On the other side of the story, Bahria Town totally rejected the Rangers claim. A letter issued on June 9 by corporate office of the organization in Rawalpindi to Major General Bilal Akbar, Director General of Rangers, Sindh, said that Not a single acre of government land has been allotted / purchased by Bahria Town.

Rejecting the Rangers’ claim, the firm further stated that the above figure of 44,000 acres is incorrect and groundless.

Adding into it, The real estate firm also said that it had purchased the land from private parties and paid all duties and taxes.

According to a report which Bahria Town has recently positioned before the Supreme Court, the real estate firm owns 40,000 acres land in different cities across the country.

A legal assistant to Malik Riaz told that the Rangers information was incorrect. He confirmed that someone might have passed incorrect information to Rangers. According to him, Bahria Town had purchased a total of 7,631 acres in Karachi by now.

A senior official of Bahria Town, retired colonel Khalilur Rehman, said that the real estate firm had purchased the land from private owners at prices ranging from Rs850,000 to Rs 6,000,000 (six million rupees) per acre.

He has also confirmed that on June 9, the firm had written a letter to the Rangers Director General requesting him for correction of their record. However, Rangers have not replied to the letter till now.