Police report says 1,171 suspects killed in Karachi operation 1  1

 0  0  11 KARACHI: Karachi police on Thursday released an updated report of the ongoing targeted operation in the metropolis.

According to the report, during the targeted crackdown on criminal elements that was initiated two years ago, 1,171 accused were killed and 64,000 accused taken into custody.

It said 841 dacoits, 282 terrorists, 38 kidnappers and 10 extortionists were killed during the operation.

The report added that 1,798 accused of murder, 803 alleged terrorists and 121 kidnappers are among the 64,000 arrested criminals.

During raids the police seized 15,475 weapons of various types, 75000 kgs of explosives and 17 suicide jackets.

It said 250 police personnel have embraced martyrdom during the two years of Karachi targeted operation.