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Associated Press September 28, 2015

CAIRO — Iran, Egypt, and Pakistan said Sunday that they had identified dozens more bodies from a crush of Muslim pilgrims last Thursday that killed at least 769 people during the hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s state TV raised the death toll for Iranian pilgrims from 155 to 169. More than 300 Iranians are still missing and around 100 were wounded in Mecca.

The largest number of casualties identified thus far is from Iran, which has accused Saudi Arabia of mismanaging the annual pilgrimage and has vowed to take legal action against it.

Saudi authorities said two large waves of pilgrims converged on a narrow road Thursday during the final days of the annual hajj. Survivors say the crowding caused people to suffocate and eventually trample one another.

Able-bodied Muslims are required to perform the five-day pilgrimage once in their lifetime.

An Egyptian spokesman told a state-run news agency that 55 Egyptian citizens are among the dead.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs said that 36 Pakistanis were killed in the incident, double an earlier death toll.