Noorani group voices support for Ayaz

LAHORE – Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan-Noorani (JUP-N) has announced to stand shoulder to shoulder with the PML-N to ensure victory of Ayaz Sadiq in the NA-122 election.
Central leaders of JUP-N Maulana Anas Noorani, Pir Ijaz Hashmi and others called on Hamza Shahbaz Sharif and Minister for Railways Khwaja Saad Rafiq here yesterday and announced their unconditional support to N-League contender. Talking to media persons on the occasion, Hamza said people were supporting his party candidate as the PML-N was saturated with the spirit to serve the masses and the country.
By making Ayaz successful on October 11, he said, the people will bury the PTI politics of lies and accusations forever. Hamza said the PML-N government was fast taking the nation to the destination of prosperity and development through policies which were being acknowledged worldwide. He said the civil and the military establishment was on the same page to end terrorism and extremism from the country and the time was not far away when the menace would be completely wiped out from the country. He appreciated the government efforts which brought about peace in Karachi and also for forcefully projecting the Kashmir issue at the UN forum.
Anas Noorani said his party would make efforts to ensure victory of Ayaz Sadiq. Kh Saad Rafiq, answering the media, said terrorism was being fought at every front. He lauded role of ulema in promoting peace and propagating brotherhood in the country adding the government would expose those who were brining bad name to the nation using religion. To a question that Imran Khan had alleged that PML-N leaders were responsible for Nandipur failure, he said telling lies and leveling allegations was the ‘trademark’ of Imran whose allegations were without substance. He said Imran was even dis-serving campaign of his party candidate so better he should go back to Bani Gala.


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