Democratic people will continue their efforts for the eradication of suppression and excessiveness in Balochistan, and efforts have started towards normalisation under the laudable polices of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing a condolence reference on late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan held on Sunday at Al-hamra Hall Mall Road, Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said that democracy would have to work more for the better future of Pakistan.

He said circumstances in Baluchistan had come towards normalisation owing to the federal government’s policies and the efforts of other coalition partners. He said that hatred in Balochistan was going high and 5,000 houses had been shifted to Khuzdaar. He said that people had started relying on government’s arrangements for schools and could peacefully travel on roads in the province.

He lauded the role that late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan played for Kashmiris and congratulated the organisers of the condolence reference where people from Kashmir to Karachi had gathered to laude the services of late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan for Kashmiri people.

Talking on the Occasion Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan said Lahore is the epicentre of movement of Kashmir, and Allama Iqbal had replied to India for her undue involvement in the affairs of Kashmir. He said lower middle class, middle class and well-to-do people were all Pakistani above all differences on issue of Kashmir and they were all part of team of late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan on Kashmir.

He said that the late Sardar was not well read and he had only done his matriculation but he knew many languages. Attique further said that late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan remained vibrant for seventy years on the map of politics. The Pakistan army had also paid tributes to late Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan for his services.