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ISLAMABAD: The diplomatic sources of Capital have stated that the influence of USA is quickly decreasing in Pakistan.
It stated that in next five to seven years it would be totally limited as country’s civil and military leadership are agreed on the initial policy of the country.
The sources further revealed that the relations with China have gained the new heights of confidence and self-belief and added that China is also playing a vital role in revitalization of relations between Pakistan and Russia.
In such scenario, it is very difficult to associate more expectation with Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Shairf ongoing USA visit.
It described that Pakistan would definitely maintain their ongoing sky height relations with Chine and she has already decided the way.
On the other hand one of the Pakistan neighbouring country still has to decide a lot. If she wants prosperity and development in South Asia then it is essential for her to review ongoing behaviours and for this pressure is mounting of her old friends.
As compare to neighbour country that Pakistan has decided and cleared her way and it would not be a part of any proxy war. Focused on the way of progress and prosperity, it added.

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