WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Pakistani foreign secretary Aizaz Chaudhry on Tuesday said that Pakistan has developed short-range nuclear weapons to deter any possible attack from India even before it happens.

Talking to newsmen in Washington ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with US President Barack Obama, he explained how Pakistan has built an infrastructure near border areas to launch a quickest response to Indian aggression which is now called as cold-start doctrine.

He went on to say that usage of such low-yield nuclear weapons would make it difficult for India to launch a war against Pakistan.

Responding to question Chaudhry said the Pakistani nuclear program has only one direction which is to defend itself from India. He added that India had created a gap in the capabilities of the two countries through its cold-start doctrine – developed for use in a possible war with Pakistan that involves various branches of India’s military conducting offensive operations.

However Pakistan has developed short-range nuclear weapons to deal with such phenomena, he said.

He told reporters that India had moved cantonments near to Pakistan border following a strategy and Pakistan has also deployed tactical nuclear weapons in bordering areas.

On the occasion he clearly declined the reports about signing any nuclear deal with United States in any case. We are not signing a nuclear deal, there will be no deal, not of any kind, he said.

He also criticized United States for following a discriminatory policy towards India for accepting it to Nuclear Suppliers Group. US should adopt a non-discriminatory and well balanced approach both South Asian countries, he stated.