‘Social kaleidoscope of Pakistan’ launched

LAHORE – Honorary Consulate of Switzerland in Lahore yesterday introduced an amazing lady, Regula Bubb, to a select audience of literary figures at a local hotel here. The event marked the launch of her marvelous book, titled, ‘High life in Pakistan’.
The “trailing spouse” of a Swiss diplomat as she describes herself, Regula came to Pakistan in October 2010 along with her husband Mr Christupah Bubb who served as Ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan for four years.
During her four years of stay here, she traveled through the length and breadth of Pakistan and had extensive interactions with people who matter and also with those who don’t matter at all. Then she came up with her memoirs in the form of a book depicting the political and social realities in her host country.
“It is a blend of political happenings and the social kaleidoscope of Pakistan”, this is how she describes her book. “Inspiration came when I went to the book shops and did not find a single book on what the Pakistani society is actually going through. I thought Pakistan deserves a book that goes beyond the daily happenings, something about the society, its resilience and other aspects”, she said while talking to The Nation.
Born in 1957 in Zurich, Switzerland, Regula completed her law studies and then traversed the globe, accompanying her husband, a Swiss diplomat.
About her experience of meeting people here, she told the audience that she met surprising women with a high sense of self- confidence who were very articulate, no matter the age, the class or the place they lived in, defying the image of the voiceless obedient Muslim woman.
To her, the Pakistani society is a complex one and admits that she was able to peel only a few layers of it.
“Regula Bubb offers a fascinating blend of political realities mixed with a social kaleidoscope she was able to catch during her stay in Pakistan from 2010 to 2014”, the Honorary Consul of Switzerland, Mr Suleman Najib Khan said in his welcome address on the occasion. In her book, Regula has given optimistic views about Pakistan, its people, their rich culture and the potential they have to bring about change in society, he told the audience.
“It may well surprise even the Pakistani reader with the refreshing view of a foreigner who travels, discovers and analyses with open mind clearly enjoying the colorful mosaic of life in today’s Pakistan,” he observed.
Noted educationist and intellectual, Faqeer Syed Ejazuddin amused the audience with his witty remarks about the author and her work. “She holds a mirror in which we can see the Pakistani society in its true perceptive,” he remarked.
“Regula talks about the daily life of the people in the streets of Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi, their fears and dreams. There are interesting gossips of drawing room politics, high end parties, and a dint of serious foreign policy debates”, former Foreign Secretary and currently Ambassador of Pakistan in Washington DC, Jalil Abbas Jillani writes on the flab.
In the foreword, Lt, General (R) Talat Masood writes that Regula has looked at Pakistan positively and avoided any stereotyping of the country. “You will feel this as she moves among the poor school children leprosy homes, slum dwellers or the minorities that are under stress. You will squirm along with her as she visits the rare and ancient tribes of Kalash, now under threat of extinction. Equally engaging are her stories about the rich and the high life in Pakistan.“.


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