In April 2015 China and Pakistan signed an agreement to begin work on the new economic corridor, worth an estimated $46 billion in investment. (Photo: China News Service)

Pakistan and China have agreed a four-tier security plan for the 3,000 kilometre long China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Global Times reported on Monday.

Under the plan, an estimated 32,000 security force, including over 500 Chinese military personnel, will guard over 14,000 Chinese workers engaged in projects along the trade route connecting Pakistan’s Gwadar port to China’s north western Xinjiang province.

The Pakistani government has also suggested maintaining records of all Chinese nationals residing in or visiting Pakistan for their security.

An investment of $46 billion is set to be allocated to projects along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a joint infrastructure between Beijing and Islamabad involving the industries of mining, textiles and energy.

The project was agreed upon earlier in the year but Pakistan has faced internal criticism for allegedly neglecting the western section of the route, allocating just one fifth of funds for it, reports The Express Tribune.