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April 22, 2016
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Three-day heat wave alert issued for Karachi

KARACHI: The Meteorological Department has issued heat wave alert for Karachi for three days starting from today (Friday).

According to the Met office, due to a high pressure cell, the winds will take turn from southwesterly to northwesterly gradually which will bring hot and dry air mass to Karachi and other coastal areas cutting the sea breeze.

Day temperatures will gradually increase from 38 to 40 degrees Celsius from Friday and remain same till Sunday after it will start decreasing attaining the normal level on Wednesday, said Met Office in a weather warning.

Winds will start blowing from the sea restoring the sea breeze from Wednesday, it added.

In view of the forecast of possible heat wave, the Metropolitan Commissioner Samiuddin Siddiqui has declared the state of emergency in all KMC run hospitals and cancelled leaves of concerned staff.

The emergency was declared in a bid to avoid a repeat of last year’s catastrophe which claimed over 1,500 lives during a heat wave that persisted for at least a week.

He also appealed to the citizens to avoid going out during the heat wave and take all precautionary measures in this regard.