Pakistan is considered among those countries where majority of people do Charity.Many people do this just to get blessings of God.There are numbers of Trusts,NGOs,Welfare communities and societies who are doing this holy job and serving as a BRIDGE between Donors and Victims.Such kind of small as well as large organizations are working in almost every area of Pakistan.

But besides this ,if anyone in country want to initiate a society or NGO,he or she is not guided properly moreover there are Law firms which facilitate in doing this task but they demand a handsome amount of Money which everybody cant afford.

My objective of this post is to let people know the easiest and cheapest way of registering trust,society or NGO.. First of all CHOOSE A NAME for your trust and make sure that no any other society with same  name  is working in your district. After that go to REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES Office it would be situated near the District Offices.


Following are the list of documents you required for the registration of a Welfare Society.

1- At least 8 to 10 members of trust/trustees. If you are registering Society then you need 25 members.
2- You also need a land or money which you want to donate for the trust. Land is more preferable for the registration of Trust/Society
3- An office with rent agreement/ownership papers of that land.
4- Memorandum of Trust
5- Article/Objective of trust in casino online short form and in detail
6- CNIC of all members
7- Affidavit from all members.

These are the things which you require for the registration. You also need a lawyer if you don”t have any information about Memorandum and Article of Association. After completing these thing submit a application to the Registrar of Companies along with the file containing above mentioned documents.After submission of  file, Registrar of Companies will visit your office and meet all the  members.A copy of documents should be sent to ISPR(Inter Services Public Relations) or Your local Police Station for the verification.

After receiving report from ISPR or Local Police, Registrar  who previously visited your office will write a letter of clearness to the Executive District Officer / Joint Stock Officer.

After the completion of whole process  you will got your Certificate of Trust under Societies Registration Act 1860 or Trusts Act 1882.

You should also read these Act”s before submitting application it will give you more help in registration and in functionality of Trust/Society.