A reputed Saudi academic has compiled a document that proposes to destroy the tomb of Prophet Mohammed and remove His remains from the grave, according to media reports.


The tomb of Prophet Mohammed, which is under the Green Dome, is in the al-Masjid al-Nabani Mosque in Medina and is considered to be the second holiest spot for Muslims across the world, the first being Mecca.

Wahhabi Islam, an offshoot of the Sunni sect, is followed by the Saudi clerics and its teachings prohibits worship of any object or saint and considers this idolatrous (shirq in Arabic).
Therefore, Saudi scholars fear that the worshipers are treating the grave in an idolatrous way, as report in The Independent.

The proposal reportedly suggests that the remains of the Prophet be shifted to an anonymous grave in the nearby AL-Baqi cemetery.

The supervisors of the AL-Masjid AL-Nabavi mosque have not hinted at whether the plan will be implemented or not. According to the Daily Mail, the Saudi government had previously insisted that it treats the development of holy sites with ‘the utmost seriousness’.

Destruction of the tomb could create disturbance and anger in the region, especially between Shia and Sunni sects.

With sectarian tensions already high in Iraq and Syria, a move in this direction could only worsen the situation.