History Of Anjuman

Here, We Go…!!!

I, Abdul Ghani Shahzaib joined KU in 2008, Hafiz Hassan Amini joined in the same year.

He was struggling with a group of guys and they worked to paste posters of Dawat e Islami in the university for ever first time. Other than that, he led them to make small social group of Ahle Sunnat’s students in KU. He was finally able to arrange yearly Meladun Nabi Sallallaho Alehe Wasalam program in Department of Mathematics in 2008 going on till now, Alhumdulillah.

While, I joined Youth Express as An Advisor in January 2009. I was among 10 Founding Members of Youth Express. This was the ever first social organization in the tough and political atmosphere of KU. We published the first ever magazine for Students of KU. My poem got published in the first magazine about Anum Zehra, a victim of ill traffic.

I recited Naat written by Ameer e Ahle Sunnat in the inauguration ceremony of Youth Express. I used to skip all the works of I was making a group of social minds myself with respective to the ideology of Ahle Sunnat.

And finally, in a rare occurrence. I, Abdul Ghani Shahzaib and Hafiz Hassan Amini met in 2009. Together, we attended many Melaad, Mehfil and Seminar at University of Karachi.

We were going to meet each and every guy we thought he could be of any work for the works of Ahle Sunnat Maslak e Aala Hazrat.

I was upgraded in Youth Express as Head Production and Senior Advisor in 2009’s December. While, these were the days when I was asked to by Hafiz Hassan Amini to support him in front of Student Advisor for the Melaadun Nabi sallallaho Alehe Wasalam program. This was our first try at this level. We both planned and made the letter to submit the Student Advisor.

The student advisor was of some other thoughts, she never liked it to be organized. We were still not saddened because we had done our own home work. RABBANA would have blessed us in near future. 

Since then, we kept going to teachers and tried gathering students on our own, we found some of them. But 2010 started with set backs. Our many fellows had passed out from university. They completed their bachelors and in the August of 2010 I had left Youth Express while they were going to be registered. I could never sacrifice my dignity and loyalty for sake of ill fame and rubbish hypocrisy. I had given them inter city level and then inter provincial level. I went to different universities and made some groups of right wingers in other universities which was all alone my idea to be make basis in all the universities of Karachi at first.

The act and guidance of Zaman Gabol can never be forgotten. He kept asking Me not to leave Youth Express until right time comes up. Once, Shoaib Barkati ( The person who was a mentor to Me to taught Fikr e Raza and Fikr e Noorani ) brought Zaman Gabol and let Me meet him. Since, then he was guider and helper to Me in KU for the all the social things I used to do there.

With the evenings of dark April of 2011, when we had tried once again to arrange Melaad, Student Advisor didn’t support us once again. But there were some 15 programs of Melaadun Nabi Sallallaho Alehe Wasalam which held in University Of Karachi which was an achievements. We were being upgraded by many ways. End of 2011 brought us few more fellows but more stronger and energetic.

We reached in 2012 now, which was a lot better year. Shoaib Barkati has given us Zaman Gabool and Zaman Gabol has given us Mehmood Noorani gave Mansoor Hassan Qadri. A Network Engineer in University Of Karachi working for Ahle Sunnat. He was also struggling with the works of Ahle Sunnat and finally he was able to organize ever first Meladun Nabi sallallaho alehe Wasalam program in 2010 until now.

Together, We planned, worked out and were supported by employees and teachers. We organized the ever first Meladun Nabi Sallallaho Alehe Wasalam program in University of Karachi by Students on 19th April 2012. This was an historic and memorable achievements said to be a mile stone.

Same day, I, Abdul Ghani Shahzaib and Hafiz Hassan Amini thought that we should name this group of guys as an Student Organization. A Social and Religious Organization. A name Bazm e Muhibbaan e RASOOL came up in front of Dr. Majeedullah Qadri along with Mansoor Hassan Qadri but I, Abdul Ghani Shahzaib with Hafiz Hassan Amini Emphasized on the word “Anjuman” for the one of the greatest name in history of Pakistan comparing Anjuman Talba Islam. We emphasized on *ANJUMAN MUHIBBAAN E RASOOL*.

After 1988, there had been no Student Orgranization of Sunni Students preaching Maslak e Aala Hazrat. But Anjuman Muhibbaan e RASOOL has been founded by I, Abdul Ghani Shahzaib And Hafiz Hassan Amini along with fellow allies Mansoor Hassan Qadri, Zaman Gabool, and Dr. Majeedullah Qadri.

Written Courtesy


Abdul Ghani Shahzaib*

To be continued*


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