In The Name of ALLAH, The Most Merciful And Beneficial.
and Durood on Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon Him ).
Salo Alaihee wa Alihee……  

Assalam o Alaikum to All Muslims and Wishes to All Non Muslims….

Umeed he Faizan e Mustafa Salallaho Alaihai Wasalam Kai tufail qismatain chamak uthi hongi!!!!

Agye Subh-e-Baharaan,

Hogaya Ghar Ghar Charagaah

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

Ya Rasool Salam Alaika

Hum ko bhi Taiba Bulalo

Apne dar ka Gadhaa banalo

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

Ya Rasool Salam Alaika

Mai Agarcha hon Kameena

Tera hon Shah-e-Madenah

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

Ya Rasool Salam Alaika


Hashar Tuk Dalaungay Hum Pedaishay MOULA ki DHOOM

Mislay Faras najad kai QA’LAY giratay jyngay

Rahega HUZOOR KA yuheen Charcha Rahega Paray KHAAK hojayn JAL janay way.

…………. Mah-e-Rabi Ul Awal, Teri Jhalak Kai Sadqay

Chamka dya Naseeba hamara, Subh-e-Shab-e Wiladat
Nisaar Teri Chehal Pehal pai HAZARO Eideen Rabi ul Awal

SAIWAYE Iblees kai Jahan me Sabhi tu KHUSHYAN MANA rahai hain

Barvi ki Amad her Zee Nafas ko Mubarak

Mubarak Shahay Do Sara ki Amad Mubarak

Jhomo Meray SARKAR aye

Jhomo Dewano MERAY DILDAAR Aye

Sayadi Murshadi


Sayadi Murshadi Ya Nabi Ya Nabi

Jabh Talak Yeh CHaand Taray Jhilmilatay Jaynge Tabh Talak Jashne Wiladat Hum Manatay Jaynge

Ta Abad Jaree Sarkar Ka MEELAD RAHEGa

Khud Ahle Sunnat ko Abad Rakhay Mohammed (P.b.u.H) ka Meelad Hota Rahega
Hashar Tuk Dalaingay Hum Pedaishay Moula Ki Dhom

Misle Faraz Najad kai QA’LAY giratay Jaynge

Bemaar e Madenah~

Shahzaib Raza Qadri ( Attari )

And before, I begin with myself, I will begin with the names of My Murshid e Kareemain

* Moula Mushkil Kusha Syedunna Huzrat Moula Ali Karam Ullah Wajhul Kareem

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Hassan Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Husayn Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Muhammad Baqir Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Musa al-Kazim Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Ali Musa Rida Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Imam Ma’ruf Karkhi Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Khuwaja Sari Saqati Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Junayd al-Baghdadi Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Shaikh Abu Bakr Shibli Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bani Tamim|al-Tamīmī Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Abu al-Fadl Abu al-Wahid Bani Tamim|al-Tamīmī Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Abu al-Farah Tartusi Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Abu al-Hasan Farshi Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Abu Sa’id al-Mubarak Mukharrami Radi Ullah Tallah Unho

* Syedunna Huzrat Peeran e Peer Dastagir, Ghous e Samdani, Mehbob e Rabbani, Qutbul Aqtaab, Sultanul Auliya Huzoor e Baghdad Ghous e Azam Shiekh Abdul-Qadir Gilani Radi Ullah Tallah Unho


* Imam e Ahle Sunnat Parwana Sham e Risalat Mujadid Din o Millat Al Hafiz, Al Qari, Al Aalim, Al Mufti, Ala Hazrat Ashah Imam Ahmed Raza Fazil Birelvi…
* Shiekh ul Hadees Allama Moula Shareef Qadri Rizwi.. Khalifa Of Khalifa Of Imam e Ahle Sunnat Parwana Sham e Risalat Mujadid Din o Millat Al Hafiz, Al Qari, Al Aalim, Al Mufti, Ala Hazrat Ashah Imam Ahmed Raza Fazil Birelvi…

* Shiekh e Tareeqat Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Allama Moula Abu Bilal Ilyas Attar Qadri Rizwi..


About Me*

Where Should I Start? I’m No Where From This World, Or Every Where From This World. I Do Not Belong To One City, One Nation, or One Country.. I’m a Global Person, Wherever, I Go.. I take time, but soon, I adjust there… I’m a Person Of Virtues… Living Beyond The Imaginations.. In The Realms Of Unknowns.. I’m guy born on 25th September, 1989.. September Libra.. A Special Libra..

In Search Of Humanity, I Found Humanitarian, Eating Flesh, Drinking Blood, Sucking Lesion Of Fellow Beings, Biting The Wounds Of Poor Mates, Playing With Sincerity, Nasty Zombies To Play With Love. Sing The Love and Slay The Trust, Hit On Back…

The More I Could Write About Me In Last 6 Years Is All Written At

And Over View Is Written Below.

I’m A Student, A Teacher, A Reader, A Writer, A Poet, A Speaker, An Instructor, An Adviser, A Thinker, A Philosopher, A Psychiatric, A Reader Of Mind, An Ever Lasting Symbol Of Sincerity, Honesty, Love, Passions, And Loyalty. I’m A Traveler, An Adventurer, An Artist, A Player Of Words, A Victorious, An Angel Of Emotions, Death’s Pain Angel, I’m a Person Of Virtues, Susho Fushigi, The Last Mysterious.

Living In Realms Of Unknown. I’m a Son Of A Forgotten King. A Heir, I Live In Allies Of Unknowns, I Live In Imaginations, I Hate Cheat, Lies and I Condemn The Feeling Of Proud.

That’s All, I Could Sum Up!


Hand Intro: The One Who Lives In Hearts & Friend For Friends

Work Profile: Written 250 More Poems , 10 Songs, 8 Sonnets, one nonnet, 10 Poetic Dramaz, 60 Urdu Ghazalz, 2 Naat in Urdu & 1 Hamd in Urdu,&Free Verses Counting in 100s & There is Some Thing More Than This, You know I’ve Started to write AZAD NAZAMz in urdu, I have Written around 40 Till Now.

Reading Experience: Have Read Almost All Poets of Sub Continent.

In English Literature, Wordsworth, Emilie Dickinson, Shakespeare,& Few more.

“Might you couldn’t get the exact view but I’m habitual of taking more and more views and themes in just one verse may be someone thinks other meanings and some one else will get other meaning

I read Ghalib he was the king of poetry I don’t think till now from all over the world in any language someone can challenge Ghalib’s poetry I always try to use his style

Meray Junoon Ki Koi Intiha Nahi

My junoon has no limits~
Means My Madness, My Thinking, My Feeling, My Words, My Emotions, My Opinions, My Views, My Extends, My Abilities, My Skills, And My Master Dark Art has not Barrier, Limit or Boundary.
Well, If you want to Read And Check The Real Meaning Of Junoon, They are in Hundreds of Different Phrases…

Junoon ……………………………………

The Last Stage of Every Passion, Art, Skills, Feelings, Thoughts..

I mark My Junoon ~Different~ From Other. I have to do ~So Much~..


I’m telling you one thing which once ma teacher told me.

Just take its example in love

following are the stages.

They Are The Complete Stages Of True and Real Love.

1. Eyes meet

2. Like each other

3. Feelings

4. Passions

5. Love

6. Last stage of love

7. Blindness in love

8. When forget to how to breath

9. Madness

10. Junoon

in the above stages every stage has its limits but junoon is the only stage which has no limits
and mine one is junoon

every passion has its last stage and it is junoon

so my junoon has no limits
and Here it is a DEDICATED POEM. by Ceegeeess, ( I have asked a permission for writing his poem here )
Eyes meet
Eye to eye see,
Two souls reciprocate,
Bodies heat up in passion ,oh!
in love!

Love each other staring,
Forgetting themselves blind,
Unable to breathe!

Both the lovers in tight
Embrace, lips stuck up in

(Dedicated to “the poet of hearts’ on reading his page at allpoetry)
[link=] CEEGEEESS [/link]




[active contests]
Here Comes My Personal Introduction:

Nawab Of Vekri Abdul Ghani Shahzaib Rangeela Vekriwala,
Shahzaib Raza Qadri Rizwi

Abdul Ghani = boht baray dil wala, her kisi sai bay niyaz ( One who have Such a big Heart means have great helpful and kind feelings for fellow beings, and too good at spending for others in ways Of God)

Shah = badhshahon kai badshah,, King of all Kings ( Arabic Word for The King of Kings )

Zaib = kai jaisa, kisi cheez kai jaisa hona, jachna. ( to be Like…………. )

Shahzaib = badhshahon kai badshah jaisa, to be like King of all Kings

Rangeela = my cast, in memon ( our capital village’s name)

VEKRI = Our state in INDIA ( sub continent )

The Person Of Prime Qualities and Attributes and Prime Perceptions.. I’m not being able to find any history before him, but I can call him the father of Our Family.
~~Nawab Of Vekri MAHA RAJA VALI MOHAMMED RANGEELA (My Grandfather’s Father)

For My Grand Father and his father, VEKRI was everything for them, as my grand father was ~The Only Prince~ to take over the state after my grand grand father, and then he became the king, but till then, they had to migrate Pakistan, just before Independence, ,, due to some very sad and internal family problems,

I wish I could have him, even though he was not alive to touch my forehead or hug me at that time, but I feel him in Me* every time when I miss him.. The stories of his time has come to Me* from every where.. They are equal to write a book.. He was pious, kind, loyal, honest, and legendary person.
He trust and believed his sons! and He backed them up when there were a lot of troubles. He sacrificed his whole life for his children. I love him much more that I could never be able to express. He was the man of Justice, of Loyalty, of Truth, of Disciplines and OF Principles.

~~Nawab Of Vekri MAHA RAJA ABDUL GHANI RANGEELA (My Grandfather)

And Her Highness,

My Father.

The One Who Did Everything For Me To Show Me The Paths Of Life. Brought Me Every Thing I Asked To Him. Trusted While Others Didn’t. Gave Me First Lesson Of Self Confidence. He Showed Me Every Place Of World I Dreamed, My Friends didn’t Know What Is NED, And I had Visited it, And Many Hadn’t Seen Madenah and Makkah, and I Had Done It. The Feel Of Back Up.

Nawab of Vekri Engineer Haji Arif Abdul Ghani Rangeela Vekri Wala

Did Diploma, BTech, BTech Honors, B.E Mechanical From NED University of Karachi, then Did Master of Engineering in Quality Management from the Same University.

One Of His Kind And Experience. DYL Owes a Hundred Fame at his name.

Here Comes, Me*

Name. ^^..^^Nawab Of Vekri^^..^^
Abdul Ghani Shahzaib Rangeela Vekri Wala
Shahzaib Raza Qadri Rizwi( Attari )

School: Kutiyana Memon Association boys secondary school, kharadar, karachi.

College: Hamdard College of Science and Commerce, Madenat-ul-Hikma (The Educational City Of Legendary Hakeem Mohammed Saeed, Karachi.
University: Did my aptitude and now admited in university. So, Its Karachi University, DCS for BSCS ( computer Science ) from Umaer Basha Institute Of Technology
3rd Year BS in Computer Science..
Takhalus: MAGHLOOB (antonym of ghalib) these days having another Takhalus as PAWAN..

Nicks: Shahz, Shah, Shahzu, Shahzaib, Shazi, Ghani, A.Ghani, Liz, Lis, Lizas, Airen, etc etc

Title for my friends and fans :
^^ SHAHZianz^^

hand intro: The One Who Lives In Hearts And Friend For Friends

I had been given the task and chosen as the Advisor of Youth Express, the first ever magazine of Karachi University Representing Youth Of The Nation. The First Magazine was released on 14th November, my one poem was published. and more would be..
I have Resigned from there, as they had been diverted from their actual path and purpose. and I’m much more specific to RIGHT THINGS. No lies and No Cheats..
have read almost all the sub continent poets
including Ghalib, Meer, Momin, Daag, Dard, Faiz, Hali, Akbar, Iqbal, nasir, Faraz, Qamar, Dilkash, etc

and in English , wordsworth, emilie dickinson, shakespeare, and alot more

My Teacher in Poetry.
Ustad e Sukhun Abdul Sattar Adam Dilkash Gondalwi
Engineer Ameen Aadil

My Favorite Teacher Since School Till Now

Miss Rafiqa in Class 5th
Miss Farzana in Class 5th
Mr Ashraf in Class 7th
Mr Rashid in Class 8th
Mr Zulfiqar in Class 8th
Mr Siddique in Class 9th
Mr Badar in Class 9th
Mr Ishaq Khalili in Class 9th
Mr Abdul Kareem Naqshbandi in Class 9th
Mr Abdul Ghaffar Abbasi in Class 9th
Mr Zaheer Ahmed Qureshi in Class 10th
Mr Riaz Ahmed in Class 8th

Mr Abdul Latif
Mr Asif Qureshi
Mr Shafkat Ibrahim
Mr Ameen Aadil
Mr Asif Kamal
Mr Ghaffor Ahmed
Mr Zia ul Arifeen

Hamdard College Of Science and Commerce
Honorary Lady In Command Madam Gulzar A National Table Tennis Champion
My Principle, My Most Most Most Favorite Teacher, She Listened To Me, She Accepted My Words, She Loved Me, She Lived in Me, She Knew my Eyes, My Meaning, She Knew alot About Me, She Told “Isay Kuch Mut Bolo, Isay Janay Do, Isay Pata he Boltay Kesay hain”

She Is The One Who Made Me Daimond of Thousand Colors, She is My Hero…


and after a very long time, i’m going to tell something about me, its not almost about me but related to me.

there are some special who know me very well,
and also there are few things i’m deeply attached to them

people are in catogaries
1. Best Friends
2. Special Friends
3. Good Friends
4. Friends

and then,
5. SHAHZianz

just 9 or 10 best friends

just 1 special friends

dozens of good friends

hundreds of friends

and uncountable SHAHZianz

so here comes my Best friends
1. Lenocas Dorien
2. Stranger
3. Jiya
4. Urooj Nadeem
5. Arzoo Imaan
6. Fatima shakeel
7. Neelam Pari..
8. Namrah Shiekh
9. Anam Sizzling
10. Samina Jii
11. Syeda Alizeh Suman

Old List… 1. Lenocas Dorien
2. Stranger
3. Jiya
4. Buddy
5. Xink…
6. Ilashree Goswami
7. Jessica Austin
8. Tiffany Roy
9. Gumaan

My Best Friends 1. Lenocas Dorien
(A Companion of My Nights…, A Marvelous Friend.. My Diary..)
2. Stranger
(I Can do Blind Trust On Her… Holding Her Hands.. Roaming Whole World)
3. Jiya
(The Only Person Uptill Now! Which Cross The Barrier Of My Thoughts, To Me The Most Respective Person On Earth After My Parents &Family)(Jesa Bhi Hon, Jiya Ka Hon )
4. Buddy
(My Ladla … I wish, If I Were a Cool Minded Like Him.. Speak What Ever,,, You Can’t Beat His Mental Limit to Get Angry Explaining Me Things & Teaching Me How To Control My Anger.. Know My Points
5. Xink…
(Ah, The Man, I made. Since, He Don’t Get Excited.. You Can’t Beat Him, Stylish, Simple, Serene, Fantastic, Guts )
6. Ilashree Goswami
(Hummz.. My Ilashree Sometime, She is My Teacher, Sometime, I’m her Teacher.. She Is So Loving, Caring.. Sweeetttt Honey(Shehad))
7. Gumnaam
(Zinda he, Saans Le Raha he, Jeeta Jagta he, Mera Twin he, My Centuries Ago’s Best Friend) 8. Jessica ( Dianna )
(My Cyber Cousin!… A Feel Of Fresh Air, Like Dew, Charming. )

It’s Xink!

code words are interchanged so , kindly wait
[journals], one of the most special and nice place for me , and INSHA’ALLAH i’ll never forget my colleg for many decades till the end.i really miss my college alot
and there are alot of more things
but i can’t tell why



Being Mysterious, Passionate, Special, Cute, Sweet..

Looking Unique from Others.

My Words:
“No one is the best in the world but better in Some Way”

“No one is Superior but Different”

“No One has Everything but has some Different Qualities & Aspects”

“No Body is perfect Since the one can’t give life to a dead one”
“Every Portrait has a Portrait in it, & That Portrait has more than thousand Shades, & I’m The Poet Of That Portrait”
Let Me Count, How Many Times You Loved Me. So That I Can Return You Before I Say O! Death To Angel
You are the driver of your life and people coming to you are passengers, greet them well they will forget you but treat them worst, they shall remember you by the name of Evil. …
San Lizas Airen-

“Don’t Love Those For Whom You Can Never be Sure to Care always”

“Love is not only The Love of Romance, but Yes, When You Love someone, Then Love The Person with Whole Heart, Whole Sincerity, Devotions, Emotions, Feelings, True Thoughts & Don’t Make Jokes of Some one’s Love.”
These are My Own Words, Most of You won’t Agree with it, But Do I care…

I never Cared For Those Who thinks To Bisect, Bcz I always take side of right things

Two Things I hate Most

Lie & Deceiving

Do not Lie to your Love Ones, Do not cheat those, who trust you!

I’m poet of What Idea or Thought?

“Every Portrait has a Portrait in it, & That Portrait has more than thousand Shades, & I’m The Poet Of ‘that’ Portrait.”



Cricket, Football, Tennis, Snooker, Mission PC games, Sega in real Life

Well, Sports Are For Either Teens and Children Or Professionals,

I’m Also a Professional, I Play With Fire, Blazes, Vagueness Of Times, With Lies Of Dark, With Sights of Shadows, With Lights of Unknown, With Whispers of Surrounding, With Those Who Play With Words





Being Mysterious To EveryOne, Study, Finding the Old Dusty Papers of History In My Knowledge, Reading Myths, Novels, History, Literature, Reading Best Material Of Urdu & English, As I Love to Be The Language Champ, &I always Try To pick the Hidden &Typical Words Of These Two Languages, & Sometime Japanese, Poetry as It’s In My blood and Soul, A Victorious of Hearts, To Get Them Glories of Times, Photography, Making people Mad*Mad about me
Love to Collect Beautiful Hearted People From All Races, Countries, Religions, Regions

Like To Interact With Every Type &Kind of People.

Like to talk, Chat, Discuss to a 12 Old Girl Up to a 86 year old Uncle.

I Love giving smiles on others’ Faces, Love to Spread Happiness, Love to Show The Every Bit Of Sincerity with My Acts.

Love to In Hearts Of People.

Love to Create Allies Of Unknown, Love to Play The Hide and Seek Of Unknown…

To Love Some One Till The Very Last of Last, To be The Purest of Love.

“I’m The Symbol Of Changing Things”



Sub Continent All Poet’s books like < Dewanai Ghalib, Meer, Momin, Zafar, Sooda, Daag, Faiz, Nasir, Tabish, Iqbal, Faraz, Aatish, Yaas, &many more > mostly literature &about history

Have read Harry Potter series more than 7 times…


Islamic, Fiqah, Hadees, Shariah, Rasayl-e-Attaria, Language, Myths, History, Novel, Poetry, Dramas, Stories, Biographies



Country, Pop, Rock and Soft…

But It’s Almost 3 Years Time, When I had Deleted Some 2000 Songs From My Computer.

So, Now Some time, I hear Songs, Almost Once in a Month in Buddy’s Car, When We are At Long Drives.


I Love to Listen Tilawat Hamd, Naat Shareef, Bayan, Mankabat, Dars, Madni Channel

Khuda Karay Karam Aesa Tuj Per Aye Dawat-e- Islami
Jahan Bhar Mai Teri Dhoom Machi ho


tv shows:

Comedy shows
Old PTV’s Urdu plays….. love them.
Adabi Khakay,
was Fond of Moin Akhter, Anwer Maqsood, Bushra Ansari and Umar Shareef
Quiz Shows



Horribly Horrific, Fiction, Romantic, Documentary, Mystery, Kang fu…



I Love My Mami’s Made Every thing, Except Khichri

Then, Country’s Different Dishes.
Then, Chinese.
Then, Thai.
Then, I would Love to Test Russian and Japanese, When I will Go There []

My aunt, Uncle ( My Ustad ) and My Father

Shaheryar ( younger than me )

Job description:

I’m a Poet, I write Poems, It’s not Occupation but At Some Aspects, It’s
first thing you will notice about me:
Anonymous, Wierd, Inverse Of Your Imaginations, Hidden in Shades of Dark, Busy in Whispers With Surrounding…
My Passion.

I’m a Teacher, It Is My Profession, Occupation and Passion..

I have to teach So Many Things..

To The Little Young Students, They have to Learn so Many Things..
And I’m Also a Student, Of course, To Get Lenin Prize, there is Alot more to Do… and I have to do.. I have do Centuries Work, In a Decade. and I’m Trying..

Once, The Fame, Name, Glories, Victories Will Be Mine.

I will Standing In front of Millions Of People…

If You say, I’m Watching a Dream, Then Listen! ” I’m not The Only One ”

The Superbest & Primmest I Believe, is MY RABBANA, My MOULA, MY KAREEM, MY REHMAN, MY ALLAH AZ WAJJAL..

So, Who Will let Me Fall?

And I’m a Traveler, Every Moment of My Life is Suspense, By Every Next View, I will Try to Find a New View..

There is So Much To Find, So Much to Search, Earth is Full of Un believable Love, Objects, Treasures.

And I Will be The One… to Search Those Things of Unknowns…

career interests: Want To Be Cyber Champ Of Complete Systemic IT Life Of This World.
Are You Afraid?
UFfz, I Just Said a Simple Sentence, You’re Out of Breaths.
If My Rabbana Will Give Me Chance
I will Blow away Every Breath Taker Who Will Speak Ill Of Muslims and Who Is a Participant in The Deaths Of Muslims In Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, And Chechnya, Bosnia. Always Be Scared of This Angel~
Who Will Fall The Greatest Death On all Of You!
………………………………………………. Oh, Sorry, I went just a Bit Long then []
… I want to be Computer Scientist and Advanced Professional, And The Most Popular Poet. A Famous Writer, A Social Worker, Teen’s Most Favorite Personality, And a Hundred More Objectives and Aims Are In Series.. Be Passionate
And I’m So Much Hopeful That There Will be a Time, When Every Teen’s Favorite Poet Will be The Poet Of Hearts And Beautiful Words.

`Susho Fushigi` Means The Last Mysterious`

first thing you will notice about me:

Anonymous, Wierd, Inverse Of Your Imaginations, Hidden in Shades of Dark, Busy in Whispers With Surrounding…


from my past relationships i learned:

Will I tell?

`Listen, I Never Reveal My Mysteries`

Things, I learnt, I Never Shared, Things, I’m Going to Use… Will Let You Know Afterward…


five things I cant live without:

Things Or Persons?

I Still Value Persons as Persons and I keep Them In My Heart…

I Do Not Call Them Things.

Parents, Cousins, Family Are Necessary Part And Fellows Of Life.

No One Imagine to Live WithOut Them…

And Here Comes, Some Best Friends…

I will Name Them…

New One `Sara` `Zoniii` `Kulsum` `Dorein` `Stranger` `Jiya` Old One
` `

Kulsum MA English From Bhakkar City Of Punjab, Pakistan She is My Sister, My Daughter and My Student, Except her Anger and Ego I can say I’m proud of her every thing Love her sooooooooooooooooo much

She tells about Me*

Shahz is an academy of friendship. There’s lots to learn from him about the meaning of friendship. U come into his realm thn u’re to live there forever. He’s nice, sober, scolar, philosopher, psychologist. A teacher to me guide in evry field of life. He’s my teacher, brother and best friend. Regarding hs poetry i must say sonorous words are woven into the thread of imagry. Often Writes abt dark bt hs words spearkle like stars. My words cn’t encompass his poetry. He is a legend and a sweet, nice, helpful, brother and teacher to me.”MY LIFE’S MOST PRECIOUS SOUL TO WHOME I OWE EVERY BREATH OF MY LIFE!:-)

Maaha Is One Of The Oldest Member Of Family and Very Close Person In My Hearts. we fight but we know what to do with each other,

She tells about Me*
Maaha: well shahz is very kind n promising person and I’ve a very strong bond wid him which is never shaken by anyone coz he is honest person n is like *LONG#an open b??ok to all, his poetry is simply deep easily understood n is a perfect reflection of his personality Allah b wid him in whtever Ameen

Syed Hamad
A Very Loving, Caring and Trusting Friend, He never let me feel alone In University even though many did. I respect and admire him alot.

He tells about Me*
I love u my friend i realy wantd to b ur friend due to my nature n circumstancs n the thng was happening i didnt make it bt now em sayng ths i respct u realy n u r such a great poet u should always do poetry….

Abdul Moiz, A Techno Geek from Our family, An Editor, A Web designer, And Person of Multiple Dimensions
keep visit his site

and also he is founder of

He tells about Me*
Your poetry have been really inspirational for me, I really try to write some of the pieces learning from you, Though its pretty much in my diary as I need to perfect like you to put up something like that, Your poetry has love, emotion, life and death. I remember when i read your poetry on the girl who was killed on an accident near your university it made my tears came out, Those verses had massive feelings to touch the heart of the readers. One thing I’d love to advise that never stop writing your poems or sonnets they are beautiful and worth read of every single word

Mohammed Usman Qureshi, A Young Mathematician Karachi University Possessing different qualities.

He Writes in response to my webpage and poetry.
Well, He is always difficult to be understood bcz he likes to be in shell. One can’t extract meaning from him. He is a good friend, responsible person and promising person. don’t like to comment about his poetry..

Sara Sijal Khan Of WeThree Speaks

Bond of WeThree, as Enumerated Above, allows Me to reveal the Mysteries Of Him, which You Are not aware of.

But Mystery is charming Only When it is Hidden in Veils, Lets Not Lift These Veils.I Call Him Professor( A person in which a Whole Universe Dwells).Has Endless Shades in Himself. He has God Gifted Abilities To Pull You back From The Hell Of Darkness. But The most Interesting Thing is He, Himslef is a Dweller Of Darkness.. A Multitalented Person With Sparkling abilities…..

‘Shahz Of WeThree’

Where as, Pentagon Of WeFive Is The Relation Of Souls.. Can Any One Live Without Soul?

The Five Founders Of World’s Most Lovingly Internet Global Family…

Two Founders Shona and Tulip left away, they had much more important things and people to manage. We were like Love bonded and they were like diplomats in Love. and they were like Angels and we were like human, full of mistakes and they were like holy and precious. The match was just too large and the gap was too big to fill with. Only the righteous diplomats and traitors of Love and Traders of feelings and emotions could manage with them, as they are more wealthy bcz they can sell and they can buy feelings, love, emotions, and every thing..

While, Sara, Zoniii and Shahz remained together like they were made to be with each other.. Zoniii being Soul Owner Of Shahz and Shahz being Heart and Soul Of Zoniii and Sara and Sara being Soul Dweller of Shahz. and Shahz being heart beats of Sara…

Shona.. Jan Thi Meri… Sirf wohee tu thi jo Shahz se sabh kuch manwa sakti thi… She was life to Me.. She was the only person who was able to make me accept anything..

Tulip … Aapa And Dadi Amma Of 64 Age… hum tu aik din bhi aik dosray kai bager nahi guzar saktay the.. phir kya huwa? We could never spend one single day without each other.. then, what happened?

Sara ……. When you find me No Where.. Find Me there. and Sure, you will find Me* by her*

Zoniii……… My Soul Owner.. Jis kay Aik Ansou kai lye Jaan Waar don.. Love her So Much

Shahz…. Woh tu Pata Nahi Kahan gaya.. bus Kho sa Gaya.. jesay Bunjara.. Boht Safar kar kai Kaheen Gir Gaya Chaltay Chaltay…..

This Palindrome is going on…
~Our Family’s Inn~
Included by following World’s Dearest Members

Umar, Sami, Shabih, Maaha, Zunair, Romaysa, Tulip, Sara, Zoniii, Shona, Ali, Rani, Kulsum, Nida, Ankit, Moix, Sadaf, Shameem, Aman, Zainab, Hafsa, Fatima, Malik, Azam, Zunera, Maria, Faisal, Furqan, Fahad, Maryna, Maryum, Anosh, Kriti, Aina, Aman, Wafa, Shanzay,


[guestbook form]



My Students Of Life, Psychology, Poetry, Feelings, Emotions, Philosophy.. .

1. Sara Sjial Khan… A Prime Example or Role Model Of My Teachings, Of My Skills Of Unknown, Of My Every Word…

2. Kulsum………. MA in English, living in Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan.. She is my Daughter, My Sister, and My Student of Life
3. Rabea Larkspur ………. BS in English from Libya..

An Outh From a New Student Of Life Of Mine*

by San Lizas Airen on Monday, 01 November 2010 at 01:53

To, San Lizas Airen,

I Shall Remain Sincere, Honest, Loyal to My Teacher Of Life, And I shall follow his words of Wisdom and I shall act as per his words of Lessons till he is Right, and I give my life in His Dept to be polished, taught, and be one of my kind. I, Rabea Hafeez from Libya Promise With My Soul for Every thing I said in Above Statement

I shall never hide, steal, or speak lie in front of my teacher. no matters what the matter is, what the cost is, or for what I’m asked to reply. I, Rabea Hafeez from Libya Promise With My Soul for Every thing I said in Above Statement

Rabea Hafiz.

4. Dena Al Sabeh.. From Lebanon.. A Very Dear Girl to Me.. Proud To Be Muslim..

And Now, I tell about my Social Activities

I had been given the task and chosen as the Advisor of Youth Express, the first ever magazine of Karachi University Representing Youth Of The Nation. Our First Magazine was released on 14th November, my one poem was published. and more would be..

Now, I’m founder of Peace Alley Educational Society .. Originated from Karachi, Pakistan but having Global Approach.!/group.php?gid=152059551476178!/home.php?sk=group_184826734877585!/pages/United-Muslim-Nations-Of-Islam/116939638382977


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