Sayedi Moammar Qaddafi

It was the day when Green Libya was surrounded by black sheep of Islam. I shall never forget him, The Lion Of Islam, The Imam ul Harab of Muslims of 21st Century, My Dearest Sayedi Moammar Qaddafi*

I can’t forget the Martyrdom of Sayedi Moammar Qaddafi and his sons. Libyan Green Army’s soldiers. Libya’s Patriotic People.

Green Flag Shall Forever Rise Because It’s The Flag Of My Prophet Mohammed Sallallaho Alehe Wasalam…

I shed my tears for him. I miss him every day. He never took any thing but he gave. He gave dignity, honor, worth, respect, luxuries of Life to Libyans and Islam. He never asked any thing for Him*

He Loved His People. He planned for Islam and Global Muslim World. Every Pakistani has eaten his Salt. A Millions of Debt we are in of Sayedi Moammar Qaddafi*…

If I had a hundred lives and I would have been in Libya. I would have sacrificed my each life and each breath just before a scratch could touch Sayedi Moammar Qaddafi*

Every Muslim shall cry for him and for Libya and Islam…

Aashiq e Pakistan,
San Lizas Airen


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